Break!! RPG

An easy-to-play tabletop RPG of exploration & teamwork, set in the fantastical playground of Outer World.


SNEAK PEEK (Work-in-progress)




Rules-light, packed with flavor.
Break!! is inspired by anime, manga, classic role playing games and NES era video games. The game’s skeleton will be familiar to anyone who's slung a d20 before, but the game's eclectic mix of inspirations will provide you with a very different fantasy experience.





Classic & alternative fantasy options.
Standard fantasy character options are bolstered by setting specific Species and Callings. Battle Princesses, Bio-Mechanoids, Chibis and even humans from the modern day sucked into the world of BREAK!!





Plays fast & fun.
Simple rules that still allow for interesting options in play. Perform elaborate, collaborative stunts in Combat or use the Battlefield features to your advantage. Or why not charm, intimidate or talk your way through a challenge using Negotiation.



LAbor of Love


Full color, illustrated rules
The book will be loaded with diagrams and infographics to make learning, and using, the rules as simple as possible. It will also be punctuated with full color art to bring the Outer World and it's exotic inhabitants to life.

We're trying hard to make BREAK!! great. Check on our progress over on our DevBlog →