Core books

The only three books you'll need to run a game of Break!!


Player’s Guide

The brave, the bold, and everyone else
This book has everything you need to create, individualize and outfit a player character for the daring world of Break!! as well as all the rules you need to play the game. “Roll or Choose” style character creation, a detailed equipment and gear section, rules on magic, conflict/task resolution, Stunts and Combo Stunts, downtime and much more are included within, alongside peaks into the game’s default setting of The Outer World.

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Game Master’s Manual

Mighty is the hand that rules the world, mightier still are those who defy it
This mighty tome includes optional rules and subsystems to help any Game Master make Break!! thier own, an expanded items section filled with Old World technology and mystical artifacts and usable chunks of advice on adventure design, setting and the inner workings of the game itself. The example area of the Homble and its surroundings are provided for those who want to hit the ground running!

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Monsters & Antagonists

You were very brave to come here, but also very foolish!
It wouldn’t be a world of adventure without danger, and this lot is happy to provide. Crawling inside this book are several classes of adversaries from lowly minions to colossal menaces! Alongside them are the six primary villains of The Outer World, as well as numerous templates for “Big Bads” that can be tweaked to fit any campaign you can dream up. We aren’t content with merely providing you the foes we’ve created however, a system for creating your own antagonists is included, as well.

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Setting Tool Kits

Crammed with do-it-yourself construction tools for creating incredible adventures. Unlock new locations, creatures and artifacts.


The Wistful Dark & Mana Blight

The world is Dark my child, but your heart needn’t be
A lost land that never sees the sun, The Wistful Dark is full of reminders of the world that was - ruins of once great cities and catacombs that stretch deep underground dot a landscape covered in fungal trees and infested with strange beasts warped by the gloom. Humans and Chib crowd about glowing Star Shards while the Tenebrate wander the Shadowed Lands - all of them hoping to carve a better tomorrow out of this dangerous but hauntingly beautiful landscape. Included is information on the Fortress City of Aiden, which sits right on the cusp of a terrible stretch of land known as the Mana Blight.

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The Blazing Garden

The future is very bright indeed
A continent where day is eternal and the watchful orb of the Emperor of Sol hangs vigilantly in the sky. A land of lush plenty, it is home to gargantuan flora and fauna that thrive in such conditions. The Prometheans rule this land at the behest of their beloved Sun King, though his influence is less all encompassing than they’d like to admit - the other homunculi races have begun to stir, and the interloping fey aren’t helping with their mischief. The book also contains a write-up of the small country of Estaria, ruled by the upstart King of Frost and Iron!

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Twilight Meridian

There is much to gain and more to lose, no matter which end of the divide you’re on
The Glittering Sea and Black Ocean collide in a place ruled by Sea Witches, sentient alien coral and archipelago based monarchies. Sailing in this treacherous place is dangerous but lucrative - the colonies and structures of the Old World remain strangely untouched and seemingly ripe for exploration. Included are details about the features of both ends of the ocean, as well as information on the Seven Holy Isles and the independent city of Portia.

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The Buried Kingdom

Certainly, many treasures lie below your feet, but much of it should never be unearthed
Beneath the surface of the Outer World is another realm that is every bit as beautiful, awe inspiring, and savaged by conflict. Goblins and Dwarves fight over lands promised to them by absent gods utilizing weapons and strategies that tear apart the very places they seek to claim. Their struggle goes unnoticed by the numerous oddities that slither and crawl among the ruins of old - or by the lost Battle Mechanoids that wander in search of a purpose beyond war. The Jade City, the site of a protracted skirmish between numerous factions, is detailed in this volume.

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Saigo, The Last City

It is dangerous beyond these walls master, you know I cannot lie to you
The Ark Cities were great metropoli designed and erected as a joint effort by the Old World’s human empires. Their hope was to preserve the culture and technology they had achieved even if the worst were to occur. Three fell during the last Cataclysm; only Ark City 4 remains intact. Dubbed Saigo by its caretakers, the mysteries of its creation and treasures of a bygone era remain sealed inside its armored dome - along with the citizens that call it home.

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Gods & ends

No information at this time.

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Pre-packed quests for the eager game master.

The Black Pyramid

Initially appearing to be what it says on the tin, this is actually a sort Noah's Ark style vessel built by serpent people escaping from a dying star. Lots of weird alien animals, esoteric magic items/artifacts, mummified serpent priests, that kind of thing. Also partially submerged.

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Ark City 1

Ruined old (Phantasy Star styled) city, intended to be a place where players explore to loot techno relics and/or learn more about humanity's lost glories. Monsters are generally old robotic sentries (that look disturbingly like Warroids)

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Bright Regiment

Sort of a supplement + adventure, this would be a set of rules for mass combat as well as a set of events where the party rallies the locals of a small town to defend themselves against Bandits, Sorcererous Minions, and a Shadow Giant. Shining Force allusion semi-intentional.

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The Wondersmith's Tower

A small repository of the "Creator's" rejects, this place is full of odd things like prismatic swarms of bees, sigils that make one swell (and possibly burst) like a balloon, and a living-doll that is a potential companion/follower.

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Vavel's Folly

A floating island that was intended to be a refuge for endangered and persecuted beings, that didn't work out so well. Think the isle of dread with little animal people, a sorrowful old lich, black cloaked enforcers and unnervingly smart dinosaurs.

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