An easy to play RPG of exploration, teamwork and immoderate action!

Three cataclysms left the Outer World twisted and broken; half lost in perpetual night, half imprisoned under the gaze of Sol. Machines from the old world and sorceries of a new era wage a war of Light against Darkness. Where is your allegiance? Will you defy them all and forge your own path?

Play Break!! and fight for your fate!


Rules that are fun, fast & flexible

Our goal is to create a tabletop RPG that's easy to learn but has lots of depth. Break!! will provide a solid rules structure with plenty of tool box style bits that allow players and Game Masters to get creative. Rules that are clear, but fluid, allowing for dynamic personae and unorthodox solutions.


A fantastic playground

Break!! is inspired by a multitude of sources; anime, manga, classic role playing games and NES era video games just to name just a few, but it is beholden to none of them. We're trying to keep what works and refine the rest -  the game’s skeleton should be familiar to anyone who's slung a d20 about before, but the game's eclectic mix of inspirations and our own flourishes  ensure a unique experience.

So, how does it play?

Task resolution is fluid and simple; your PC’s ability in a handful of broad but distinct “Aptitudes” allow you to approach trials in any number of ways without making things too complicated or finicky.

Combat is rapid and dynamic - Stunts and Combo Stunts are not only possible but encouraged on both sides, keeping the stakes raised round after round. Your character has a bulwark of “Hearts” that represent their ability to avoid and survive potentially fatal blows, but once they are gone you are at the mercy of the Injury and Death table!

Allegiance is not chosen but earned; various choices will set your character on the path of Light or Darkness - or one that keeps them both at a distance.

Magic is potent and evocative; master the paths of Heart, Brilliance, Gloom, Rot and many others. Will you use your magical Flares wisely, or go for broke with your Burst abilities?

Monsters come in many varieties; swarming Minions, might Menaces, and Colossal Beasts all come ready to slay would be heroes. Defeating them comes with an added reward of being able to harvest parts from their bestial anatomy!

The strange and wondrous Outer World is laid out for the GM to utilize and customize as they will. Guidelines for using existing elements in one’s own creation are also included; every game of Break!! should be defined not only by the books but those participating.